Ok, here's the deal everyone! I'm open for commissioned works now. See the above link to see how long the current queue is and be aware that you'll be tagged onto the end of that list.

Everything is pretty simple. You contact me via email (here) with what you're interested in and then we can negotiate a price. I've given a general outline of the prices down below.
Originally, I had intended to list all the prices in Australian Dollars... but Paypal doesn't seem to support the currency from this continent... so they're all in US dollars and are subject to change with the exchange rates. At the moment, I believe that one AUS dollar buys about 66 US cents, so that's what the prices below are based on.

All pictures are delivered to the recipient in digital form in a number or formats. There's a high resolution (300 pixels per inch) *.tiff picture that can be used for professional prints of the images (these files are often large and sometimes require less common software to view). I also send a high resolution *.jpg format picture (that's at the 300 ppi again) that's obviously a bit smaller and easier to share with your friends, and I send a much small, lower res picture (from 75 ppi to 100 ppi) compressed to *jpg format that is suitable for putting up on the internet and sharing with the entire world.

Ok, so, for a tame picture involving Dream characters or your fursona or a character from a MU*, this is the basic price outline:

For a plain pencil sketch with monochrome shading I'm asking about $20 to $30. An inked picture would be $30 to $45. If you want colour, then there's a coloured pencil work $30 - $50 and then theres coloured ink works $45 to $70.

The large variation for the coloured works is all due to the differences in complexity of colour patterns... I wouldn't charge 90 bucks for a coloured version of a black cat for example... it just wouldn't be justified... but say... anything with a complex pattern and a full coloured If you want originals, tack another $10 on the standard fee. All fee's are generaly negotiable.

If you're interested in something that's not so tame, then generally my prices go up by an amount determined on ... well, mostly on how comfortable I am drawing the content you ask for. You can get anything, but it may cost you if it ends up personally offending me :)

Due to the reasonably varable nature of the more explicit pictures, I really can't indicate how much it's going to cost.


I do retain the copyrights to all art I produce and to the Dream characters, however you of course have copyright over your own characters and fursonas. I also the basic courtesys of the art trade, I'm not sure if you're all familliar with them or not, but it's just basic stuff - Don't use digital means to remove my signature from the works, don't go selling them off to other people, don't claim they're your own works... You know. Basic stuff. I shouldn't even have to put that here, but the internet's not as friendly a place as it should be.


Below I've included some examples of what you could expect from the above mentioned categories (pencil, pencil with colour, ink, ink with colour) the reason for the pricing is purely the amount of work that goes into the pieces.

I'm generally reasonably good with the turnaround - I can usually get a simple sketch done for a client in a couple of days at the most, but sometimes it might just be a bit difficult with other commitments (mostly Uni). And of course, if I get a sudden MASSIVE influx of commissions, then I'll have to establish a queue and you'll just have to wait till I get round to you - but I can't honestly see that happening any time soon.

Ok, I know that was a lot of information. But I think most of it was necessary to properly explain the service. I hope that if you're reading this (still) then you're seriously considering taking out a commission, as I could always use the money. :)

- Litho.


Pencil - no colour

This is a good example of a simple pencil sketch, coloured with simple monochromatic pencil shading. This is your entry level sorta commission. Adding a background (of the hand drawn variety) might bump the price a little, but not too much.


Pencil - colour

The above sketch, coloured. This probably isn't the best of examples, as when I coloured this piece, I'd already done the monochrome shading with the pencils... I also haven't used the same technique with the cell-shading style shadows that I use most often these days... of course, I can still use the effects shown here on request.


Inks - no colour

This picture is a great example of a picture containing a character of your own creation with a Dream cast member. This is Ryan and Alex, a character created by Vince Suzakawa. This image has been inked. The effort that goes into an inked work is a lot more than a normal sketch, that's why it's more expensive.


Inks - colour

The same picture again, only this time with colour. As you can see, this picture uses a different colouring technique to the one used in the coloured fox picture above. This is the sort of colour I do the most of these days because it's easier. this also means it's well towards the bottom of the coloured pictures price range.