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Clint is the protagonist of Dream, and is currently undertaking a Bachellors of Information Technology at the City University (locally known as CU), and yet, this isn't what he wants to be doing. Clint is, at heart, an artist, but he believes that he hasn't the necessary skill to make it as a professional artist, so he's entered a career where he can earn money. Stability over passion he tells himself.

Consequently he continues toiling away at something that he hates in the vague hope that eventually, things will be better.



Fenton is Clint's oldest friend, they've known each other ever since primary school. Fenton also studies IT at the Uni and is in most of the same classes as Clint. Fenton, however, loves IT. He is in his element when surrounded by scraps of circuit boards, or up to his elbows in databases.

Fenton's dream is to one day own his own programming firm and make expensive software that everyone will buy, thus allowing him to retire filthy rich.



Victoria works at the University Library, it was in this environment that she met Fenton, and was immediately lovestruck with the geeky fox. Being a rabbit and naturally flirtatious, she likes to play hard to get for Fenton, hitting on nearly anything that can be classified as male - just to keep him on his toes.

Of course, the other aspect of her random flirting is that it would hurt her rabbit pride to let it be known that she was actually in love with a single man. It's just unheard of!



Adrian is a lecturer at the university specialising in the philosophy of contemporary theology. Adrian is an out and proud homosexual, and a vehement activist for gay rights and equality. He uses his academic standing as a platform to put forward his views into the public arena.

Adrian is in his final year of post-graduate study for his doctorate of philosophy, and is currently acting as the ethical moderator for several of the university's privately funded research innitiatives. One of these has been occupying the majority of his time due to the impatience of his primary backer and the rushed schedule. He feels his judgements are being bypassed for the sake of cost-efficiency.




Very little is known about Ryan, despite being a generally amiable young pup, he has very few close friends. His occupation is obscure and undefined, he does some work as a handyman around the city, mostly working very cheap, helping out single mothers in his area.

Either way, he somehow manages to earn enough to keep him living in a comfortable lifestyle without appearing to do much with his time. The one thing that people are clear on though, is that Ryan is a very uncoventional person, he makes every effort not to fit in in a crowd and takes pride in his outlandish appearace. (He has a total of 19 piercings in his body, 14 of which are on his face.)


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