This fantastic picture of Ryan was sent to me by Vince Suzakawa, a local legend in the furry community, He is the artist and author of The Class Menagerie (the link to which is on the main page!)

Thanks a LOT Vince!
I love it!

This is the first in a series that I was playing about with to demonstrate the artistic abilities of the characters of Dream. When asked to make a picture of themselves, these pitures are what the cast members came up with.

Here we see Clint and his self portrait.

Whee!! Look everyone! It's Victoria fan-art!

This lovely piece containing 3!! (yep, count 'em 3) pictures of the bunny-girl, was done by Tidal Night.

Thanks buddy! It's great!

When Fenton was asked to come up with a picture of himself, he cheated and completely avoided using a pencil or paint or other materials commonly associated with conventional art. Instead, Fenton has modified a prefabricated 3D model of a fox to look like him. Crafty devil.

This adorable piece came to me recently from a burgeoning artist who has asked to remain annonymous.

Kawaii - plushies.

Whoa! Here's a picture of Ryan almost totally undressed! Hide away the children, this puppy's wearing little more than a g-string.

This pic was drawn for a friend... sort of. Also just because it amuses me to draw a partially nekkid Ryan. ^_^

Some more of the magnificent art of Vince Suzakawa! He's so talented!

This piece was his half of an art trade we did AGES ago. Just haven't gotten around to putting it up till now

A far less raunchy picture of Ryan. This one really does have nothing to do with the comic apart from the fact that Ryan's a character in it. He is not and probably never will be, a sword wielding maniac... but it was fun to draw anyway.

Another quick scribble by Vince - inspired by some banter between he, the Gneech and I about levels of clothing on characters in our LiveJournals.

Very funny. Even out of context!

This picture took me FOREVER to complete. I drew it as an attempt to break out of artist's block, so I put a fair bit of effort into it (When I get artist's block, I need to pay more attention to drawing, otherwise it turns out bad... like many other pictures I tried to draw this week) All in all, I'm quite happy with this one.

After much playing around with pencil and paper, I finally arrived at a version of Adrian I am reasonably happy with. This is pretty mugh the final thing.

He's got this kinda lazy feel to him, always leaning or lounging against something if it's at all possible :)

Another picture of Adrian - showing a lot more skin this time. It's another of those I put together deciding how I want him to look.

The ITC (or the Information Technology Club for those not in the know) is a group of IT geeks from Fenton and Clint's course.

Featured here with Fenton is another member, who as yet... may or may not have a significant role in the comic.


A picture drawn at easter for Vince Suzakawa, who doesn't much like rabbits, so an easter bunny wouldn't have been appropriate :)

Not really dream related, except that Vince likes Ryan ^_^


One of a few little studies of Ryan I did while trying to decide how to clothe him for the winter period which will be icing up Dream soon.

This is kinda close to my final idea.